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The FRISCHHUT iron foundry is since decades a byword for quality and reliability.
With the over generations developed professional competence in machine- and handmade gray cast and spheroidal iron, we are able  to produce technological ambitious  and complicated components by order of our customers.

Well known producers of engineering, plant and vehicle manufacturing are part of our constituency.

Our business culture involves the people, who work therein, in a philosophy, which has the priority on the customer service. With her performance knowledge and motivation they are completely in service of our customers.

Their intensive customer advice in material application and construction of cast components, for the improvement of existing and development of new cast products, finds practical application.  

In 1945 Ludwig Frischhut started with a small metal workshop in the Lower Bavarian Pfarrkirchen. The company increased soon and a new location, Neumarkt St. Veit, was established as a foundry and was later further expanded.

Beside of own products like fittings and mountings for the drinking water and gas supply, also ambitious and complicated cast components in the range of single, low and mid volume production, are manufactured.

A wide range of cast iron with lamellar graphite / gray cast (GG/EN-GJL) and also cast iron with nodular graphite / spheroidal iron (GGG/EN-GJS) is available for the material selection.


  • Frischhut GmbH und Co. KG 
  • Franz-Stelzenberger-Str. 9 - 17 
  • 84347 Pfarrkirchen, Germany