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In Bavaria at home – worldwide popular

With ca. 150 employees we are a medium-size company with a small administration. In this way on the one hand we can have a very personal work climate, on the other hand we can operate fast and flexible. Short decision paths and a comfortable office climate characterize us as an attractive employer of the region.

The efficient employment of each worker is a part of the company success. We have the aim to have the right employees, to the right time, with the right qualification, at the right place, at FRISCHHUT.

Our behauvior principles reliability, fairness, confidence, responsibility and quality are standard for the cooperation in the company, but also in contact with the customers and supplier.

Working at FRISCHHUT means durable cooperation on the success of a medium-size company with potential. It also means to be a part of a high motivated work force, which is proud on the tradition of the company and likes to cooperate for pioniering steps.

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  • Frischhut GmbH und Co. KG 
  • Franz-Stelzenberger-Str. 9 - 17 
  • 84347 Pfarrkirchen, Germany