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We have been working tirelessly over the last 9 days to recover our systems and services from the Cyber Incident. Our actions of last week were focused on ensuring that there are no viruses in our IT systems. Now, our full focus is on data restoration and we expect to be at 95% by next week. TALIS is very much open-for-business! Our operational challenge is now to catch up with the time lost. Our Teams are working hard and will continue doing so during their Christmas break. Lastly, we are here to answer any questions you have about our current situation, so please do not hesitate to ask. Stay tuned here for more regular updates. As always TALIS is open for business!

Thank you for your continued support under these circumstances.

TALIS has on December 6th been impacted by a cyber security incident. As a part of managing the situation, some network services across our operations are suspended.
We have notified the relevant authorities, and are working alongside them and our IT service providers to resolve the issues in full.
Until this work is concluded, some service levels may remain disrupted which can affect customers, employees and other stakeholders.
We appreciate your continued support and will update you here when we have any new information.

FRISCHHUT RDS repair clamps
Ductile Iron Repair Clamps are used for the repair of damaged pipes in water distribution. As an experienced supplier to the water industries, FRISCHHUT offer several models manufactured to high quality standards...

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Popular Products

FRISCHHUT tensionanchor SL with wedges
The Frischhut tensionanchor SL is for longitudinal restrained connections of PVC-plug-in socket or KS-socket in conjunction with a PVC-pipe usable…

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FGR Quality

Think sustainable – ductile cast pipe-systems
The investment in ductile cast pipe-systems pays off because of a low installation depth and operating costs and they additional have a long durability!

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FRISCHHUT produces also in EPOXY yellow, specific for the gas range
Since 01.01.2011 fittings of the gas supply need a CE-mark according to DIN EN 969. The necessary mark, according to the norm, is ...

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Safety because of RAL-certification mark (GZ)
The new safety for all, who think sustainable. The RAL-GZ 662 guarantees a proved and immaculate coating quality and therefore a future-proof solution …

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