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A Bavarian success story

The first own foundry already starts production of drain casting fittings in 1952.

At Frischhut GmbH & Co. KG everything is about ductile iron - since almost 75 years. In 1945 the founder of the company - whose name lives on - built up a workshop for agricultural machines. The first own foundry already starts production of drain casting fittings in 1952. Ludwig Frischhut, who is a skilled blacksmith and specialist in the machine building trade, developed his products in the following decades and registered numerous patents and utility patterns. 

In the late sixties, the production moved to the new built foundry in the town Neumarkt St. Veit, where most modern induction melting furnaces are used.

Today Frischhut GmbH & Co KG is part of a worldwide operating business group

The new factory for machining cast parts and processing epoxy-coating by means of fluidized powder according to the specifications of the quality association GSK (Gütegemeinschaft Schwerer Korrosionsschutz) (association for heavy corrosion protection) opened in time at the 50-years anniversary in Pfarrkirchen . 

1998 the business group "Deutsche Armaturen AG" purchased the holding company of the Frischhut group, which had been founded two years before. Both companies are incorporated into the group Tyco / Flow Control / Waterworks in 2001. 

After some years as a part of TALIS since 01 July 2022 we are part of the owner-managed family business of Tiroler Rohre GmbH (TRM).

2022       FRISCHHUT becomes part of Tiroler Rohre GmbH                                                                                                                        
2010   TALIS
2001FRISCHHUT is incorporated into the company group of Tyco
1998FRISCHHUT group is sold to Deutsche Armaturen AG.
1995Completion of the new  factory in Pfarrkirchen , equipped with one of Europe’s most modern coating plant..
1969A new modern foundry is built in the town Neumarkt -St. Veit.
1955Several applications for utility patterns/patents of fittings for drinking water pipelines are made.
1945Foundation of the company by Mr. Ludwig Frischhut.



  • Frischhut GmbH und Co. KG 
  • Franz-Stelzenberger-Str. 9 - 17 
  • 84347 Pfarrkirchen, Germany